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Alberta Paintball on Wheels is a mobile paintball business founded in 2008 in Calgary, Alberta. The basic premise is that we don't have one main field that everyone comes to, but rather we bring the paintball experience to you.

Live in a big city? No problem, just contact us and we can book you into one of our public fields.
Live outside the city? Just give us a call and we can come right to your property.

You don't need much space to play paintball, because we tailor your paintball experience to fit the landscape, big or small. APOW is all about flexibility, affordability and making the sport more accessible to everyone.

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12      2015 Season - Late Start


Happy April!

We were late to get started for 2015, but now APOW is in full swing! If you have booked us in the past, check your inbox for a special early booking discount.

Hope to see you on the field soon!

11      2014 Season has Begun!


Hello Everyone, and thanks for dropping by!

APOW is glad to be open once more for the 2014 season. We are also offering a special discount to any customers who book an event for the 2014 Season, as long as the booking is confirmed by March 31! Head over to the CONTACT page to get in touch with us!